How to Sell Your Phone Online


Selling your phone online is something that can be as easy or as hard as you make it. People go through phones quite often and odds are your old phone still has value!

There are a lot of different routes you can go when selling your phone online and this is going to be a guide to show you all the different options you have and why some are better than others.


1) Know your phones condition


When looking to sell your phone online it is important to know the condition of your phone, both internally and externally. It’s important to note any cracks, scratches, water damage and so forth.

It’s also important to know if the phone is paid off, unlocked, and how the phone is working (slowing down etc.). All of these factors are important because if you try to sell your phone and aren’t specific to its condition you risk it being returned to you and not get any money for it.


2) How much will I get for my phone?


When selling your phone there are a variety of factors that go into how much you’ll be able to sell it for. The condition of the phone is very important as is the age.

The older your phone the less you’ll get and if it’s too old some buyers may not be interested. Be aware that when the next model of your phone releases yours will lose value. 

This is why selling your old phone soon after replacing it is important as you’ll be getting the most money.

Note that some places don’t take phones that have certain issues with them such as the phone being locked or not turning on so it’s important to check if there’s any exceptions on the site you’re looking to sell.


3) Where should I go to sell my phone?


The most confusing part of deciding to sell your phone is where you should go. We’re going to list some of the more popular choices and what they offer.


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Individual buyers

Sites that have individual buyers would be eBay, Craigslist, Mercari, etc. The benefit to these sites is that you set the price, potentially getting more for your phone than from buyback companies. The downside is that sites like eBay charge sales fees and you risk having your phone returned with little reason or negative reviews left on your page, affecting selling on the platform in the future.

Phone Carriers

All of the major phone carriers offer buyback programs that allow you to sell your phone to them for credit. The benefits are that you know you’re going through a professional and reputable buyer. The downside is that the phone carriers buyback program typically values your phone less than you would be able to get through other buyers.

Apple or Amazon

Apple and Amazon both offer buyback programs that can be done by sending your phone to them. The upside to this is that they’re reputable companies. The downside to going through Apple or Amazon is that they don’t payout in cash, only in store/site credit and often have lower payouts than other companies.



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There you have it, a lot goes into deciding where to sell your phone and we hope this guide helps! Good luck!


Team Cellbreezy 🙂


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