How to Apply a Screen Protector in 3 Easy Steps!


We’ve all been there. We get our new phone and now need to put on a screen protector. Sometimes it goes well. Other times you’ll find it’s misaligned or even worse, has air bubbles. This guide will go over in 3 easy steps how to properly apply your screen protector in a way that minimizes any bubbles and dust that get trapped beneath.

1. Preparation Step.

It’s very important your hands and the phone screen are clean. Also that you aren’t in an area/room that has a lot of dust flying around as dust can stick to your screen or the adhesive side of the protector when applying.

To clean your phone screen take a cleaning cloth to it. To remove any extra dust left over on the screen take the adhesive side of any scotch tape and repeatedly stick it onto the dust covered area and peel it off.

It’s important that you make sure the screen is dry, if it is still damp from the cleaning cloth wait for it to dry as any extra moisture will affect how well the screen protector sticks.

This step will leave both your hands and phone screen as clean as possible, minimizing any chance of dirt and dust being trapped after putting on the screen protector.

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2. Aligning and Applying Your Screen Protector.

After making sure that your screen and hands are clean take out your screen protector. Do NOT remove the covering for the adhesive side, first you are going to line it up a few times.

This will give you an idea of how it fits and where you’d like to align from. Usually the bottom of the screen gets aligned.

Once you have practiced aligning several times and feel you are comfortable remove the covering to reveal the adhesive side of the screen protector.

If you’re using a glass screen protector it’s much easier, simply line up the edges and apply the protector. If you’re using a plastic protector then you’re going to want to use one hand to hold the aligned part in place and the other to slowly press the rest of the protector on the display.

Move your hand slowly up the display when applying the plastic protector, this will help reduce the large bubbles.

3. Removing bubbles from your screen.

If you aren’t satisfied with how your screen protector was applied go back through steps 1 and 2. To remove unwanted bubbles you’re going to use something like a credit card.

This is because a credit card is both stiff and its edges are dull so you can apply pressure to the screen without the card bending and scratching the protector.

When you have your credit card (or anything like it) ready, simply use it to push the bubbles towards the closest edge. Sometimes this takes multiple tries while other times it is done on the first try.

It is important to note some of the very small near unnoticeable bubbles may go away with time and use. 


There you have it! Hopefully you have applied your protector and removed any bubbles from it successfully!

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