How Do I Cancel an App Subscription on an iPhone?

Checking and cancelling subscriptions!


“Nowadays, a rising number of apps in the App Store have turned to Subscriptions, significantly raising the cost of just using apps. Here’s how to monitor iPhone subscriptions and cancel or eliminate unwanted app subscriptions.”


Currently, your iPhone and iPad allow you access to a variety of subscription services. Apple’s internal services, such as Apple Music, Apple News+, and iCloud, are apparent examples of app store subscriptions. Similarly, many third-party apps provide periodic subscriptions through the App Store. To better support ongoing app development and operate a viable business in the long run, an increasing number of apps are now offering subscriptions rather than one-time In-App payments.

As a result, today’s consumers are in a tricky situation. The shift to subscriptions has increased the amount of money that people pay on applications, and many people are unaware that they are signing up for a monthly subscription on their iPhones. Many iPhone and iPad users are curious about how to check subscriptions on iPhone and how to control app subscriptions as well.

If you read the detailed guide below you will have a great concept of how to cancel subscriptions and avoid all useless spending.

How to View Active App Subscriptions on an iPhone or iPad?



“Unlike common assumption, just deleting, removing, or uninstalling an app from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple TV doesn’t really cancel or stop subscriptions.”


In an iPhone, it’s convenient to sign up for a subscription and complimentary trials, but what happens when it’s time to cancel them? This is how it works.

Apple has now made it much easier to locate all of the subscriptions that are actually ongoing on your Apple ID or App Store Account. Let’s have a look at how to view active app subscriptions on an iPhone or iPad.


  • Simply open the App Store application.
  • Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Select Manage Subscriptions.
  • On this view, you’ll find a list of all your iOS monthly subscriptions, including both Active and Expired ones.
  • Simply click on any of the active subscriptions to upgrade or cancel them.


NOTE: When you delete an app on your iPhone or iPad with an ongoing recurring subscription through iTunes, the subscription is not automatically canceled. You must manually update for active iOS subscriptions and then cancel app subscriptions. Here’s how to go for it.


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Canceling app subscriptions on an iPhone



The process for canceling app subscriptions is relatively similar. You may update or cancel iOS app subscriptions with a few simple clicks on the screen that presents all of your ongoing in-app subscriptions. Let’s take a look at how to cancel subscriptions on an iPhone or iPad.


  • Open the App Store app.
  • Tap on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select Manage Subscriptions.
  • Select the Active subscription you would like to cancel or delete.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click Cancel Subscription.


When you cancel a current subscription you can continue to use the app subscription’s features until the expiry date. It means that if you withdraw an active subscription that you have already paid for till January 2021, you can indeed enjoy the premium features until the end of January 2021, even if you withdraw the subscription in September 2020.


Don’t find a cancel option? Is there a missing subscription?


Sometimes, you may find that when you click on a subscription, the Cancel Subscription option is missing. If this is the case, you might already have discontinued the service—look for a notification below the name of the subscription that says Expires [Date], which indicates that you have already canceled it. If the service is still functional, it will actually mention Renews [Date] below.


If you’re still having trouble finding a certain subscription on your iPhone after trying the above methods, you may need to take a more straightforward approach. Consult with the service provider immediately. The way you subscribed might mean you have to deal with certain complications if you want to cancel it completely.


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